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We are full time Online Christian Radio Station, reaching out to the whole world through internet with The Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Three Angels Message.

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  • Camp Au Sable chef and team continues online cooking show

    Food can change lives. It can heal, injure, make, or break someone’s health. On that principle, the collaborative efforts of Camp Cuisine, a food ministry operated at Camp Au Sable by renowned Chef Mi......

  • Being an Adventist Educator for the First Time

    After so many biblical accounts and exciting character narratives that made a difference where they were, it is not until Acts 11 that the disciples are called Christians for the first time. And that ......

  • Creative Corner: Roje Ndayambaje

    Exploring themes of heartbreak, heaven, and the human condition, Roje Ndayambaje is a talented spoken-word poet and Christian thinker whose words force readers to reflect on their own lived experience......

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